The community of Christ has a great tradition of invitation. Inviting others to faith requires leaning in to your own story, overcoming fear, and stepping out.

But the good news is for everyone, always. And you can help keep it going.

Using Scripture and story, Steve Carter casts a vision for non-threatening conversations that point people to Christ.

Most significantly, Steve shows that only through risking it all will we discover what God is truly like.

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About the Author

Steve Carter is the teaching pastor for Willow Creek Community Church and a well-received speaker to both adults and students on issues of faith, reconciliation, and the way of Jesus.

Steve is also a founding member of both Rock Harbor Church in Fullerton, CA, and Solidarity—an organization that helps churches transform the areas of suffering in their cities.

He lives outside Chicago with his wife, Sarah, their children, Emerson and Mercy June, and their dog, Biscuit.


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