What Others Are Saying

“Steve Carter is a humble and wise guide, and he has written a terrific book about living out your faith like you were invited—and about risking yourself to invite others. It’s like he found the main electrical panel and turned on all the lights. Then he found an endless pile of tickets and started passing them out to everyone he meets because he wants everyone to know we’re all invited too.”

Founder of Restore International and author of Love Does

“Steve is one of the most genuinely curious people I know, and he’s so incredibly passionate about loving people well, even—or especially—people who are different or forgotten or marginalized in some way. He’s been teaching me how to live this invitational life for years, and I’m so excited that through these pages, he can inspire you toward this way of living as well.”

Author of Bread & Wine and Savor

“In This Invitational Life, Steve captures God’s heart for every human being—and then shares insights from his own significant experience in living each day invitationally. His approach goes beyond a mere movement. It’s a way of life.”

Founder of Willow Creek Community Church

“Steve Carter has an infectious passion for helping people encounter Jesus Christ. As teaching pastor of one of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational churches, he has lots of experience of living ‘this invitational life.’”

Pioneer of the Alpha Course and Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton

“In a culture that is so divisive and polarizing, Steve Carter has written a beautiful and compelling book that captures the heart of God. This Invitational Life is a much-needed reminder that love is not nebulous or just theoretical. Love serves, washes feet, sacrifices, forgives, embraces the hurting, and welcomes all to the table.”

Senior Pastor of Quest Church and author of Overrated

“I so badly want what Steve is inviting us into. I want my heart, priorities, and story aligned with the things that truly matter to Jesus. Steve’s words set not only the vision for this happening but exactly how to do it each day. I highlighted and underlined things like crazy because I want the core truths inside this book to be my own heartbeat.”

People of the Second Chance

“Steve Carter shares the impetus of his passion in these pages. Surprising, engaging, inspiring, and motivating! This book will help anyone get off the sidelines and into the risky, adventurous, and love-filled life of following Jesus. Read it and take up the invitation!”

Social Justice Secretary, The Salvation Army, USW

“An invitation to join the greatest adventure of all time! Steve’s words will challenge and motivate you to live a life that points others to the Author of life itself … Prepare to be inspired!”

NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins

“Early on in this book, Steve Carter asks us a brilliant question: “Who is welcome at your table?” He then goes on to remind us that the gospel of Jesus is a peace-making, bridge-building, and barrier-destroying way of life—where all are invited to the feast. He tells of a Savior whose arms of grace are open wide to all, and he encourages us to adopt the very same approach—welcoming even those we don’t understand or those who are nothing like we are. Steve’s excellent writing connects us with God’s beating heart for all of humanity and teaches us the powerful principles of the invitational life.”

Worship songwriter and recording artist and author of 10,000 Reasons

“The invitation starts now. Pastor Steve Carter reminds us about the power of living an invitational life—everything we do is infused with eternal importance. We’re meant to risk the ocean, living as bold as lions by stepping out into all that God has called us to. Steve helps us understand how to say yes to this type of living and open ourselves to a front-row seat in seeing God change lives.”

Pastor of Fresh Life Church and author of Through the Eyes of a Lion